Sustainable development by paying attention to environmental preservation in the present and in the future is still not well understood and has not become a lifestyle in the wider community. Environmental Engineering Study Program has a responsibility to disseminate this understanding of environmental care by paying special attention to environmental education, especially for the younger generation outside Universitas Trisakti students.

KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATION and COLLABORATION PROGRAM (KIC) is a program that aims to inspire the wider community in general and the younger generation, in particular, to be motivated to always learn to explore knowledge, to find new innovations in implementing sustainable development and preserving the environment by carrying out various activities that collaborating with the nation’s next generation of young people.

Besides that, in order to maintain the sustainability of the number of students who take part in the educational process, as well as to improve the quality of prospective students, it is necessary to make continuous efforts to introduce the existence of Environmental Engineering Study Program in order to increase interest in becoming prospective students to choose Environmental Engineering Study Program as a level of further education. Increasing the interest of prospective students will improve the quality of selection.

One of the most important things in the ability to inspire the wider community is “communication”. Inspiration requires the ability to be a trendsetter, not just a follower. Someone who is able to increase his capacity and develop positive energy for the environment around him can become a trendsetter and become a role model in everyday life. One more step, when coupled with the ability to harmonize cooperation with other institutions/partners, this activity is at the same time able to deliver the young generation to become a leader of the nation’s successor.

Activity Purpose

These activity aims are :

  1. Forming a figure of the younger generation who has the ability to inspire the wider community, to pay more attention to aspects of sustainability in development and utilization of natural resources.
  2. Providing leadership skills for the young generation of environmentalists
  3. Increase the interest of high school students towards the Department of Environmental Engineering as a choice of field of study at the higher education level
  4. Improving the quality of student selection
  5. Improve communication and collaboration with alumni and institutions

The Knowledge, Innovation, and Collaboration Program (KIC) is divided into 2 activities :

  1. The Youth Environmental Leadership Program is a workshop activity that provides training to participants to become an inspiration /trendsetter/leader for the wider community so that they pay more attention to aspects of sustainability in the use of natural resources in the context of sustainable development.
  2. Enviro Awards as a sense of responsibility of the younger generation towards the community of each participant.

The Knowledge, Innovation, and Collaboration Program activities that have been carried out by the Environmental Engineering Study Program are as follows:

1. 1st Knowledge, Innovation, and Collaboration Program (KIC) in 2016

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