Health and Safety Management

Health and Safety Management

Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Technology as educational institutions by applying “Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi” is purpose to become one of the most respect University in Indonesia and international for field study of Landscape Architecture, Environmental Engineering, and Urban and Regional Planning. We are committed to perform Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management system standards in daily activity and in the future. The Policy setup based on scale, nature and institutions context related with its activity, product and service.

Our Commitments

We are:

  1. Committed to focus on the sustainability of Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Technology operation and activity by managing of risk in all relevant processes;
  2. Committed to provide safe and healthy working (campus) condition for prevention of injury and ill health, environmental protection including pollution prevention with avoid all particular harm to lecturer, supporting staff, student and other interest parties who’s access to the campus area;
  3. Committed to continual improvement of which enhance management system performance related with QHSE aspects;
  4. Committed to comply with QHSE obligation which include specific statutory regulatory and other applicable requirements;
  5. Committed to perform program of social engagement and empowerment as institution responsibility for the sustainable process;
  6. Committed to customer satisfaction with our product, services and maintain effective communication in the respect include process of consultation and participation among lecturer, supporting staff and others;
  7. Committed to managing QHSE issues as a fundamental part at our day to day process activity, and periodic review at our integrated management system to determine their effectiveness and to ensure that this policy, objectives and target include programs remain appropriate for the institution’s vision and mission of faculty.


We Will:

  1. Provide information for stakeholders with information that is understandable, adequacy explains of QHSE issues, it also presents on accurate and verifiable representation at integrated Management system and its performance respect;
  2. Ensure that this policy is communicated and understood to our lecturer, supporting staff and students also shall be available to interested parties.